Sunday, 26 August 2012

What's it all about


My name is Andy, I am in my thirties and I am the father of two wonderful boys. I am a qualified PT holding level 3 Personal Training and Nutrition qualifications through the REPS accredited, CYQ exam board. I am soon to start further studies with UKSCA for strength and conditioning.  In simple terms the purpose of this site is to share information on health and fitness and to have some fun, not to preach or patronise. "The day we stop learning is the day they cross your arms and nail down the lid" - Me

On this site we will be looking at health and fitness in general. There will be information on different training methods and programs, diet and nutrition, events, people and we will see what happens ! Some of the info will be from the "industry" some will be written by me or by contributors, friends and contacts, at some point there will probably even be videos (if they are of me then I apologise in advance I have no shame). The one thing I will say is I will do my best to either back up where the information is sourced from or clearly state if it is just my personal thought or opinion. I am learning every single day so if you have an opinion for or against then please get in touch, just please try and keep it constructive so everyone benefits.

Let me make this clear, I am by no means "The Body Beautiful!" that you will find on the cover of your favourite fitness magazine, far from it ! Neither do I claim to know it all, BUT I have a passion for all things health and fitness related and I am on a journey to learn and develop myself but also to help others to reach their personal goals and to enjoy and understand their training the best I can. I work hard to help those who want and ask for help and advice and I work even harder to try and improve myself and my knowledge to allow me to do so.